Thursday, October 14, 2010

Journey to Becoming an Active Week 3

Another week is almost over. I got a new crescent sister named Liz and she's super cool. :) We have a few mutual friends and she's chill. This whole process of finding a big sister is so hard! I'm not going to lie, I have high expectations for whoever my big sis is going to be because of the relationships I have with my mom and cousins. Hopefully one day the big sis I'm searching for will pop up in my face, but I'm glad I finally got a proactive sister. So on the first night, I went with Liz to the ARC to watch the fraternity volleyball games. That was fun and she introduced me to quite a few people. I like that she's super involved and I love her outgoing personality. Not gonna lie, I was a complete downer. This week hasn't been so great for me in terms of school and it's been a little tough. Glad the week is almost over and I can have a little time to catch up now. Anyways, Liz took me to Yogurtland on Wednesday and we hung out with Paige, Lydia and my psis Paige. Today, I bonded with my psis group Maki and Nadia. Conversation was smooth, but it got a little awkward when I got asked about my friendship with Nadia's boyfriend's ex. Didn't quite know what to say or if there was judgment following that, but I'm just not going to think about that one. I like them, they're definitely people I want to hang out with more outside of school I think.

Anyways, so tonight I had this mission to talk to this guy I had met at Kaba who could be my potential Cocktail date. (Yeah, btw that's a blow of the week. Finding a cocktail date sucks because I was super content with finally being single with ZERO strings attached for once in my life.) Well, I showed up late, and he was not fricking there. Major FAIL. Hopefully I can get to know him soon because he seemed hella chill before. Also, hopefully I'll have a fun, chill, nonawkward date! Lol. Knowing me though, I probably won't get what I want. Anyways, I'm trying my best to not get sick, so until next week. G'nite blog world!!

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