Thursday, July 8, 2010


My school week is finally over and I can finally relax; however, my mom stole my TV to watch the news, therefore, I decided to create a new blog. I love my wordpress blog, but I've noticed that's not really the type of location I want to be using at the moment, so I'm switching over to blogspot for now. We'll see how long that lasts, or maybe I'll continue using both for different purposes? Haven't quite decided, but in case it looks like I've abandoned this site without any particular explanation as to why check out my wordpress, I might have updated that one: (oh boy I hope that's the right link...)

Moving on, I guess I should write a little bit about myself and the purpose of this blog before I continue. I'm an adult, 18, which is still an adjustment for me and I've been this age for oh say 8 months or so? As of right now, I am a full time student. I've recently explored the wonders of southern California, but I am home for the summer living with my wonderful parents and my dearest brother. In addition I am attending a community college that's officially a 30 minute drive from home and has proven to be a huge pain in the you know where. It's crazy to still be considered a full time student in the summer, but yes, I do have a full course load. Please, don't ask me how I do it, I don't even know the answer to that myself. My life consists of laughter, happiness, family, friends, school, and the sun. I love music, baking, but not eating what I bake, and the simple things in life. The smallest things in the world can make me laugh for hours. Extravagance is not a word I would use to describe myself, more like plain? Drama has been kicked out the door and replaced with, well I don't really know exactly what, but it's somewhere between time at home with family around all the time and a few friends here and there. Not really much room for a social life being that I'm a broke college student, but hey, what else is new about that? Aren't most people my age in the same situation? The direction for this blog will have to be developed as I go. There really is no purpose here, my only goal for this is to include as many visuals as possible because I feel they enhance blogs. Hm, that's about all I have to say. Boredom has taken me here, so let's see where life leads me!

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