Saturday, July 17, 2010

Color It What You Wish, But Remember, You Picked It

Life is what you make of it.

Today was a good day, I finally got to see Turkey. Even though it wasn't the SG day we were planning on, the day was still fun! I succeeded in my mission to not shop, with the added knowledge that SF tax is higher and that I'd be making several trips out there over the next month, I refrained from spending. I miss the freedom of doing what I want, but most of all, I miss being with carefree fun people. Everyone around me seems to be so stressed, adding onto my stress. Today more than ever, I wish I could take one of the five cars we have (oh, and we only have 3 insured drivers at home. stupid, right? i know) and just drive away! No restrictions, the world in front of me and all the freedom to go wherever my foot took me. *Sigh, that would be a dream come true. But since I'm not living a dream, back to reality. After I got home, my mom was cooking, so I helped water the plants and made some lemonade. That's become a habit of mine because I love being in my backyard and seeing the progress of all the fruits and vegetables in our backyard. I will also add, we have kind of a mini orchard (that's what I call it) in our backyard. We have a lemon tree, an orange tree, an apple tree, a pear tree, some citrus type tree, zuccini plants, tomato plants, basil, a blueberry bush, a plum tree, a squash plant, asian green onions.. IDK, but I think there's more. That just gave me an idea, I'm going to document all the plants and trees we have in the backyard tomorrow. Ohh! Fun!! :) So, tbc!

Anyways, my purpose for blogging this blog was to talk about life. Recently, it has come to my attention that my cousin who is going to USC in the fall, does not have the financial means to cover her tuition. The reason this came up is because I finally received a much needed grant from the government, meaning I won't have to pay back as much when I graduate. YAY! But as for my cousin, her parents lack the financial means to cover her costs at school...
Well, let's get to some back story first. This is the cousin who always gets what she wants. She's book smart but not street smart. I agree it's good to be determined to get what you want, but it should never be at the cost of your family. She's extremely jealous and greedy at times, but I can't blame her for everything.
My point here is, I took out a student loan to cover my costs for school because I didn't want to burden my parents for my wanting to experience the world. However, she's the cousin who has gone to Europe, flown to the East Coast, gone to Hawaii, flown back to the homeland where she was born, and gets everything she asks for just by asking daddy since birth. Now, my aunt wants to just send over money for her mom to pay for her tuition? Where was that money when I was struggling and fighting with my mom night and day over me going to Irvine? I don't dislike my aunt for not offering that option to my family. Honestly, I love being able to say that I'm paying for my college life right now. It's a humbling and gratifying experience to be honest. I've learned to strive for what I want, and work hard at it to get to where I need to be. I didn't take any short cuts, I didn't lean on anyone. It was all me. I'm quite the independent person now and I'm not afraid to be. This all came from my college experience. From this, I feel my cousin should do the same. Especially coming from the life she lived as a child, she would learn and benefit a lot from having to struggle through college on her own. In addition, it would make her appreciate her family more for who they are and the bond they share. At least, that's everything I've gained.

It's hard to wrap my head around people who cry over stupid things like a failing grade or not being able to live where they want to live because at least they have a place. A lot of things in college have just fallen the right way for me. I'm sure there are more struggles to come, but for now I'm enjoying the comfort of home and my mom being here for me. I'm grateful for what I have and am proud of what I've done even though others may not be. Everything up to this point has definitely been a rewarding experience.

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