Thursday, July 29, 2010


My apologies for the stress implied in the last blog. Things have not been too mellow around me. But the image above is here because my mom basically put me up to a challenge that I refuse to fail at.

[Background] College has been the topic around the house a lot lately. Especially with me graduating early (hopefully..), my brother unsure of what he wants to do, my cousin starting college, other cousin beginning grad school. My family is just full of college kids at the moment! Anyways, back to the point, in fear of failure, I always tell my mom if the college thing doesn't work out for me then I'm going to drop it and open up my own bakery by decorating cakes!

So now my challenge is to bake a cake and decorate it nicely for my aunt's birthday. This should be interesting. I'm definitely up for it though because I honestly LOVE baking. It's such a nice release for me and for sure when I make money the first thing I'm going to do is buy myself a professional piping kit. Ya know, the ones with the tips and things. On top of that I want to take some cooking classes. I think that's my ultimate goal in life.

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