Thursday, August 12, 2010


[I forgot to post this earlier]

While I was at the movies on opening night of Step Up 3, my cousin and I were watching the previews and a row below us was four black teen boys. (Sorry, not a racist thing.) The screen shows a preview for a movie said to be released "Summer 2010."

All the guys are laughing.
1st guy: "Ahaha.. wait.. what?"
2nd guy: "Summer 2010!"
1st guy: "Sumer... 2010... HUH?!"
2nd guy: "Dude, summer 2010!"
1st guy: "What?!"
3rd guy: "Summer. Two. Thousand. TEN!"
1st guy: "Isn't summer almost over?!"
3rd guy: "YES!"
1st guy: "I don't get it! Agh! Nevermind. This shit is stupid. Why would it say summer 2010 when it's already over?"

Fiona and I just bust out laughing. These four guys seriously made the movie hilarious. They reminded me of the reason I go to watch movies in the theater still.

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