Saturday, September 25, 2010

Week 0 Fall Quarter 2010

Why hello blogspot, long time no talk! :) I really don't have a lot of time to talk because I'm going through recruitment to meet more people and I have to be up early tomorrow, so I'm going to cover what's on my mind.

Since I've been back, I've seen him a few times. Given him hugs every time but the conversation always goes the same way:
Me: Hey (insert name)! How are you?
Him: Heyyy! I'm good, how about you?
Me: Good.
Him: Yeah
Me: Yeah, see ya later!
Him: Yeah, bye!

Eugh! This is all getting so frustrating. I know I said I'm going to keep an open mind, but I just wish fate was on my side. It's fine if things don't happen, like it's been in my head for a while that we're on different pages, it just sucks when it's thrown in your face. Whatever though, moving on. Only time will tell.

I decided to go through recruitment this year and it's turning out to be not that bad. I've been pleasantly surprised by almost every chapter. Pi Beta Phi is for sure a no no because well... Just because. I expected that one. Anyways, talking to all these girls are really fun, but I honestly wish there was time to really just get to know them on a deeper level before eliminations. I feel like I have to jump right into my history in order for them to really know me, but there's never enough time. It really sucks and I'm not the most comfortable with starting a conversation. I'll admit, I'm improving tremendously, but there's always room to get better. The bad side to all of this is I don't get to hang out with people like Jeanalyn and my roomies and last year's roomies. Tradeoffs sucks butt!

My eyes are burning, meaning time for bed! Lol. G'nite! Detailed version of week 0 to be posted SOON!

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