Monday, September 6, 2010


My days left at home are winding down. Last month, I could not wait to leave home, but when it boils down to time to leave I'm a complete emotional wreck. Through it all: the drama, the chaos, yelling, screaming, slapping, laughter, love.. Family is the most important part of me. My mom woke up today and ran into the family room where I was watching TV and eating breakfast to tell me about her dream. She dreamt of me down in Irvine and her left at home crying her eyes out, but crying tears that came out like water flowing down a waterfall! Lol. It was hilarious, but it made me sad because I know how I felt last year when I left and how she felt. I don't want to go through that again. At the same time, I know this year it's going to be worse because I'm not moving home again for another 2 years. Any time that I'll be spending at home will be during very short visits and that sucks. The relationship I have with my mom now is irreplaceable. Every day that I get to spend with her now means the world to me. This is so hard!! I love school and SoCal, but I love my family too. I wish I could take them with me to SoCal.

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