Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Wonderland

It's Winter! I love and hate this season at the same time. It's wonderful because of the decorations, the lights, the festivities and most definitely the love and joy it spreads around to EVERYONE! It's terrible because it's soooo COLD! Brrrr.

Anyways, I just got back from Kaba Winter Banquet, which was a lot of fun, but I'll post another blog on that while I'm home. For now I just wanted to get out some thoughts in this Winter Wonderland post. An interesting part of my life that I'm going to stick in this post is a conversation I had with a friend in discussion. I happened to have my letters on that night, and she asked if I was glued to them. After pondering that for a minute, I replied no, because for the most part, I either wear it under a jacket, or to gphi events. Then she told me, good because most new members who cross become glued to their letters and wear them every where. Well this made me super self-conscious. I try to not wear my letters as often as I probably would have if she hadn't said that because I don't want to fall in with that crowd. I'm proud of my letters and proud of my family, but the greek system has definitely not consumed my life. It's a big part of it, yes, but I've noticed that lately, all the conversations I have are in some way tied to greek life. For example tonight, (well it was my bad for wearing my letters but it looked cute with my outfit, so I had to) everyone asked me how gphi was and whether I liked it or not. It seemed like everyones ice breaker for me. Lol. But that's ok, because I answered honestly, I love it, and we moved on from there. Honestly, tonight was good. I definitely need to go to an event outside of greek family to ground myself again and remember that there's more to life than what the greek system is about, as much as I love it, it has definitely taken me away from other friends. After all this, I know for a fact it's going to be tough to balance life after this, but you know what, I'm ready for it!

Another thought that's been on my mind is why the eff have I always been in such a rush to grow up? Graduating early has been haunting me all quarter and the pressures of my future are daunting. Everything is just simply put, stressful! Agh, it's frustrating to see me leaving my childhood behind so soon, but I know it's for the benefit of my future. It just sucks because I already know I'm going to regret a lot later on. Thereby breaking my personal motto of living life with no regrets. I definitely am eliminating a lot by doing the sorority thing, but hopefully I can make my future amazing because I definitely don't want to deal with regrets. They're painful and troublesome. Just sayin'. Anyways, I don't really know what else I wanted to say. I just felt like blogging, but not about the things I owe because I want to do those posts justice and add lots of pictures! :D So that's all for now blog world! Until next time, ADIOS!

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