Tuesday, December 14, 2010

F + F = Loveee

Family + Friends = Love! I know I owe an update about my sorority life, but now that I'm home, I don't have the means to take pictures of all that I want to talk about, so that post will have to wait until I get back to my apartment. Anyways, the reason I posted the picture above is because it just looks so romantic and reminds me of the love present at a wedding. But mostly, it's here because I've been wanting to post it for a while and just can't find the right moment to post it with! I honestly can't put into words how being home makes me feel. Even though I haven't accomplished much, it's such a nice feeling to be back. The comfort, the warmth, the love! It's all making me rethink moving away in the future. Maybe I want to stay in the Bay. But at the same time, I know I have more opportunities elsewhere. There's still quite some time before I have to make any decisions, but this trip home has tilted the scale back in favor of home. Also, at least here, there are REAL seasons. SoCal has two: summer and spring. Up here all four seasons are present. As much as I hate the cold, I love that I can walk out and really dress appropriately. Also the weather here isn't as unpredictable. If it's cold in the morning, it's going to be cold the rest of the day. Maybe even freezing! Meh, there are no updates. Life is boring and mellow the way I like it to be. Although, being home, I may be disappointing my friends just a bit on my lack of time for them, but really, I just need some me time and some home time. Hopefully they'll understand. Whatevs. Goodnight!

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